Watch our Regenerative Medicine webinar

How To Eliminate Chronic Joint Pain Without Harmful Medications Or Risky Surgery, Even If You Were Told That Surgery Is Your Only Option.

  • Discover how our advanced therapy is giving people their active life back.
  • Learn how to stay active, healthy and pain free into your golden years.
  • Learn about the types of Regenerative Medicine available in the US today which are responsible for reversing aging and damage in joints.
  • Which conditions benefit most from Regenerative Medicine.
  • Learn about what to avoid when searching for a clinic to receive treatment.
  • Discover how to decide on which of the three available therapies may be best to treat your unique condition or injury.

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Dr. Jamie Nuwer, MD

As a graduate from Stanford University and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Dr. Jamie Nuwer returned to the SF Bay Area for a residency position at O’Connor Hospital in San Jose, CA for Family Medicine and Fellowship in Sports Medicine.

Vitaly Mozeson, Case Manager

Has 17 years experience in musculo-skeletal care. Has managed over 4,000 joint degeneration and injury cases. Helps Medical Doctors implement regenerative medicine into their practices.