Non-Surgical Joint Pain Treatment Center

RegenCore provides 3 types of non-surgical joint pain treatments for relieving Osteoarthritis, Meniscus Tears, old knee injuries, hip and shoulder pains and more


Why Non-Surgical?

Avoid risky surgeries

Avoid potentially risky, expensive knee,  hip, or shoulder replacement surgeries and long recovery periods.

State of the art

Top modalities including real-time ultrasound for precise targeting to support tissue regeneration.

Minimally invasive

Treatments are performed in our Palo Alto facility with little or no downtime.

Nick’s knee pain was relieved after 10 weeks of treatments

Common Conditions We Help Treat

Elderly man with sore knee


The protective cartilage that blankets the bones in your knees wears down over time, causing tissue around your knees to start inflaming.

Woman slipping on ice

Meniscus Tears

A Meniscus tear occurs when the cartilage between your femur, tibia and fibula is inflamed or torn.

Construction worker kneeling while working


Tendonitis (or Tendinitis) is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon typically caused by repetitive stress to your knee(s).

3 non-surgical treatments for joint pain

At RegenCore, we offer 3 types of non-surgical joint rejuvenation theraies.

1. Advanced Joint Rejuvenation Injections

Joint rejuvenation therapy reverses tissue damage and promotes healing

How does it work?

When an injury occurs, cells are released and summoned by the body to rebuild damaged muscle, joints, or cartilage. By injecting these properties directly into the damaged area, it can help assist and accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

Why choose Rejuvenation Therapies over replacement surgery?

  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • Reduced complications and risks
  • Minimal post – procedural recovery time
  • No use of general anesthesia
  • No risk of rejection since the cells are your own
  • Ideal for repairing sprained knees, chronic tendon injuries, hip, shoulder injuries, and elbow issues

2. Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is an acoustic wave which carries high energy to painful spots and joint tissues with both acute and chronic conditions such as Tendonitis and Osteoarthritis.

Shockwave therapy treatment

How does Shockwave Therapy work?

Shockwave Therapy uses acoustic waves to interact with tissue. This helps promote accelerated tissue repair and growth, analgesia, and mobility restoration to bones, joints, tendons and other soft tissues.

Shockwave Therapy is best used to treat chronic, sub-acute, and acute (advanced users only) conditions.

3. RegenCore Method

Our signature RegenCore Method involves multiple modalities for a fully custom approach, including advanced joint injections, mechanical bracing, and lifestyle adjustments (i.e diet and fitness).

How The RegenCore Method works

Your custom treatment plan is crafted based on your unique condition.

  • Start with a detailed evaluation including an orthopedic assessment and review of images.
  • The selection of the most appropriate modality is then customized for each patient.
  • Ultrasound guidance is used for precise targeting of the injection.
  • Promote accelerated tissue repair and growth with Shockwave Therapy
  • Customized bracing or taping is provided when needed.
  • Wearable device helps stimulate your joints to heal faster.
  • Metabolic support including dietary recommendations and supplementation that will maximize the effects of this treatment.
  • Multiple follow-up visits with booster injections are provided when needed.

Case Studies

Able to walk up and down stairs again after 6 weeks

Eradicated arthritis pain

No more knee pain and improved mobility

Top Joint Rejuvenation Providers
in Palo Alto

Dr. Rowan Paul, M.D

Dr. Carri Jones, MD

Dr. Ian Barrett, M.D.

Robert J Joseph II, DPM

Find out which joint pain treatment is right for you

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