Every case is approached in a
unique and holistic manner.

Safe And Effective Treatment Based On Research

Our method is based on the latest published research and has been refined over hundreds of successful regenerative therapy cases and thousands of injections. There is no guessing when it comes to our protocol.

The RegenCore Approach

There are four components as to why a joint may be degenerative or injured:

  • Mechanical / alignment
  • An aging articulation
  • Lifestyle (diet, weight, overuse, lack of movement, etc.)
  • Trauma

Therefore all four components require attention in the evaluation stage of this process. The RegenCore method touches on all of the above components.  This approach results in the best possible outcome, and a successful return to pain-free activity.

Custom Treatment

There are many different conditions that cause joint pain and dysfunction. Over the years we have mastered the utilization of different regenerative therapy tools in combination with one another in order to best treat your unique condidition. This may include the use of amniotic tissue, platelet rich plasma injections, and other modalities.


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