Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy

Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy (EMTT®)

Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy (EMTT®) is FDA approved non-invasive therapy that transmits high-energy magnetic pulses to the affected areas of the body. It is a safe and practical application in which magnetic transmissions help treat bone, tendon, muscle, nerve, and ligament injuries or disorders throughout the body. It can be an alternative to steroid injections or other treatment methods. It helps in conditions otherwise difficult to treat, such as tendinopathies. It is a relatively advanced technology developed in Europe and widely used across the globe.

Benefits of Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy (EMTT®)

EMTT®’s high oscillation frequency enables deep penetration and treats a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions such as:

  • Degenerative joint disorders
  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Overuse sports and work-related injuries

How does Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy (EMTT®) Work?

EMTT® is a comfortable procedure that takes 5-20 minutes depending on the condition it is treated for. It can be easily performed in our office. It is a handheld or freestanding applicator that does not touch the patient’s body during the whole procedure. There is no need for direct skin contact, and it can be performed while the patient is fully clothed. The patient is not given anesthesia but requires minimal time to bear their weight (i.e., walk) and get back to their routine. The therapy transmits high-energy magnetic pulses to targeted tissues at extremely high oscillating frequencies of 100–300 kHz. EMTT® Waves can penetrate tissues up to 18 cm beneath the skin’s surface to target difficult-to-reach tendons, muscles, bones, and nervous tissues. It is relatively painless, with minimal discomfort and no adverse side effects.

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