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Does Age Affect The Success Of Stem Cell Treatments?

By October 27, 2019Uncategorized

This is a question we usually asked by older patients.


It’s no surprise either.


As we age our body is much less efficient at doing many things, including healing itself.

Why would a stem cell treatment be any different?


The thing is, there’s not much evidence showing that these treatments are less effective for older patients.


If you even look at our testimonials, we have fantastic success stories of folks who are 60+ that have had tremendous results with these treatments.


Based on common sense and data, you’d think that if an elderly person used their own stem cells for these treatments, it wouldn’t be as effective.

Using younger stem cells would then be the way to go.


But, evidence has shown that this isn’t the case.


It has been found, based on THOUSANDS of cases that there is no correlation between a patient’s age and the success of their stem cell treatment.


This means that older patients do just as well, if not better in some cases, than their younger counterparts.


The only exception found is when it comes to arthritis, specifically in the hip.


This was only the case for those who received treatment at 55+ years old for it and where their symptoms had already progressed quite a bit.


Despite the “here say”, there is no substantial evidence that shows age is a driving factor in non successful stem cell treatments.


Just be aware of the fact that, like any procedure, there is always a success and failure rate. This is generally where many of the rumors and non factual arguments come up.


On the upside, there is so much more evidence that proves stem cell treatments are just as viable for older patients.

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