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Is RegenCore “Just Another” Stem Cell Clinic?

By September 25, 2019Uncategorized
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It’s no surprise that so many medical practices, especially regenerative ones, differ in the way they operate.

This isn’t inherently bad, but it can cause confusion for potential patients.

Instead of easily picking out a clinic that suits your needs your left sorting through dozens of options with two dozen different methods.

At the end of the day, you’re exhausted.

You’d rather just keep living with the condition you have than spend another minute deciphering medical jargon on Google.

We don’t blame you.

That’s why when it came to RegenCore, we decided to do things differently.


The Regencore Approach

Just as practices are different when it comes to their approach and methods, each patient case is unique.

Knowing this fact, we decided to build out entire method around it.

At RegenCore, each patient case is treated in a unique and holistic manner.

We’re not going to push a treatment on you that we’ve given to hundreds of others and hope it works.

Nope, we focus on four components as to why your joint may be degenerative or injured that way we can find the best approach for you.

Even if that best approach is something OTHER than regenerative therapy.

These four components are:

  1. Mechanical / Alignment
  2. An Aging Articulation
  3. Lifestyle (diet, weight, overuse, lack of movement)
  4. Trauma

All of these components require equal attention in this evaluation stage, that’s why they are the foundation of our method.

This approach results in the best possible outcome, and a successful return to pain-free activity.


The RegenCore Process

It’s easy for practices to give you a vague approach or method just to get you through their front doors.

We like to be much more transparent than that which is why we’re going to breakdown our entire process for you.

The exact experience and treatment YOU will receive should you decide to move forward with one of our treatments.


The RegenCore Method: Step By Step

  1. Detailed evaluation including an orthopedic assessment and review of images.
  2. Custom treatment plan is crafted based on the unique patient and condition.
  3. Selection of the most appropriate regenerative medicine modality custom to the patient.
  4. Ultrasound guidance is used for precise targeting of the injection.
  5. Customized bracing or taping when needed.
  6. Wearable device used to stimulate your joints to heal faster.
  7. Metabolic support including dietary recommendations and supplementation that will maximize the effects of regenerative medicine treatment.
  8. Multiple follow up visits with booster injections when needed.

This step by step process allows us to provide you with a completely custom approach to your care.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, if you were in a car accident or suffer from arthritis.

We’ll find what works for you.

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